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Diana Phillips Psychotherapy & Counselling Bunbury

Diana Phillips Psychotherapy deals with a variety of issues from life enhancing and promoting to mental illness issues which limit the enjoyment of life, including relationship issues and generational change in life's journey.

I believe all of us are walking works of art, that our childhood experiences in particular have helped us to develop ways of behaviour that were essentially brilliant survival strategies for that time but have become deeply ingrained into our unconscious dynamic.

Unfortunately for most of us, as we grow older, find that some of these behaviours become unsustainable, dysfunctional and limiting.

The result of this is that we have emotional reactions to things we don't understand, we have behaviour in relationships that can become counterproductive and we have conflicts between and within our outer and inner worlds that make us stuck and frustrated

Analytical psychotherapy is about getting to those parts of ourselves that are at the base of these things in our lives and working first to understand them. Then, through understanding to begin to have some control over them and finally to be able to react in a different way in both the inner and outer worlds when faced with those things that used to affect us in a negative way.

All this is a journey that the client and I go through as we work together.

I am a qualified psychotherapist located in Bunbury. Please feel free to contact me.

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